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Who are we? 
SolSoft Solutions specializes in software development, focusing on software that shines in:
  • Flexibility
  • Usability
  • Performance
  • Predictability


What can we do for you? 


Whether you are starting a new project or improving an existing one, SolSoft Solutions will be a valuable member of your team, offering the following services:

  • Software contracting (hourly software development)
  • Software consulting (solving specific software problems and providing expertise)
  • Developer education (work with your existing software team to improve results)


While experienced with other languages and environments, SolSoft Solutions specializes in C# and MS-SQL for Windows desktops, servers, and web sites, as well as Windows Phone.


To learn more, read About Us, otherwise Contact Us to discuss what we can do for you.  Developers, sign up for our Software Insights newsletter.