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Software That Shines


Our Software Mission

SolSoft Solutions aims to reliably provide software that is well-designed and friendly to use.  It may sound unusual, but a core belief is that empathy—the ability to see and understand through the eyes of another—is at the center of any successful project:

  • Empathy for customers
    • Understanding the customer's goals, even if they can't easily be articulated
  • Empathy for users
    • Understanding how the software will be used and perceived, so it can naturally guide users to fulfilling those goals
  • Empathy for programmers
    • Understanding how code evolves and is understood, so changes can be made with minimal risk
  • Empathy for the future
    • Understanding how goals and situations change going forward, so software can be molded to fit changing needs

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Getting security right is hard.  We can help you and your team lock the door and prevent costly mistakes.


Time is money — fast software helps everyone get more done.  We know how to speed things up so you spend less time waiting and more time doing.


Computers don't have to be hard to use, when you have people and software that speak your language.

Solid design

Good software adapts to your needs as they change — it's impossible to see the future, but you shouldn't have to bulldoze the house just to add a garage.

Technology Specialties

.NET Framework

We know .NET inside and out: we've been developing with the .NET Framework since version 1.1, in 2004. 

Microsoft SQL Server

We've been working with Microsoft's SQL Server since SQL Server 2005, and each version has brought new capabilities to conquer more data and answer more questions.



What can we do for you?

We're always looking to share our expertise.  Whether you are starting a new project or improving an existing one, SolSoft Solutions will be a valuable member of your team, offering the following services:

  • Software consulting (solving specific software problems and providing expertise)
  • Developer education (work with your existing software team to improve results)
  • Software contracting (for-hire software development)

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