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SolSoft Solutions was founded by Mark Sowul.  Mark has been working with software for most of his life.  He has been developing with the .NET Framework since 2004, and Microsoft's SQL Server since 2005.  He has served as technical lead on several projects and guided them to predictable, reliable release schedules.  

Mark has been recognized and praised by colleagues and clients alike for his ability to quickly understand new situations and goals, and to convey his technical knowledge and insights clearly and concisely both to fellow programmers as well as clients. 

Mark graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Computer Science and Applied Math & Statistics from Stony Brook University's Honors College.  There he also served as a teaching assistant, where he began to meld his technical and interpersonal skills by teaching recitation sessions, holding office hours, grading homework, and holding review sessions for exams. 

Mark also has a keen interest in psychology and human cognition, which has provided valuable insight into effectively designing software that is natural to use, and minimizes users' confusion and frustration.  He has been a repeat participant and mentor at the New York-St. Petersburg Institute of Linguistics, Cognition, and Culture.


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Articles in MSDN Magazine

July 2016 - Data Binding - A Better Way to Implement Data Binding in .NET

Data binding can be a powerful approach for developing UIs in the Microsoft .NET Framework: It makes it easier to separate view logic from business logic, and easier to test the resulting code. However, despite the various toolkits that aim to help, implementing data binding is typically painful and tedious. Mark Sowul shows you a better way.

November 2015 - Asynchronous Programming - Async from the Start

Recent versions of .NET make it easier than ever to write responsive, high-performance applications via the async and await keywords. Learn how, as Mark Sowul takes the default UI startup code for Windows Forms and WPF and transforms it into an object-oriented design with support for async and await.

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