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Slides from Oct. 20 talk on Reactive Extensions for .NET

As promised, here are the notes from my talk on the Reactive Extensions for .NET.  And here is Reactive Extensions sample code from the talk.

Thanks to all who attended!  Please do leave feedback, both positive and critical, so I can improve for next time!

If you weren't able to make it, the reactive extensions bridge the gap between “async” and “IEnumerable” — two simple examples I give in the talk are:

  1. How would you create a UI that constantly updates the current mouse position in the status bar? Too easy? How would you change it so that it only updates once per second…?

  2. How would you implement a find-as-you-type search box? While you are typing, the search should wait until you stop for a moment, then it should populate the results list as they become available.

These are very hard problems to tackle, but the reactive extensions can make them much more manageable. Take a look at the sample code or the slide notes!