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SolSoft Alienware Color Synchronizer

Synchronize your Alienware lighting with Windows

Blue theme color

Blue theme color

Magenta theme color

Magenta theme color

I was very excited to get one of Alienware’s ultra-wide monitors. I was also excited that it allowed me to write software to control the lighting. So I created an app that synchronizes the lighting with the Windows theme color!


For the app to work, you’ll need the appropriate software from Dell (I can’t include it with the app). If you already have it installed and your device is detected, great! If not, and it brought you here, here’s what you need to do:

Your best bet is to go to Dell’s support site, and install the appropriate software for your devices from there. After you’ve done that, restart the Color Control app, and see if it works. If not, here is what I suggest you install.

If you have only a monitor

Since I only have the monitor, what I needed to install was the “Alienware Gaming Monitor Control Center Application and Driver”. As of this writing, the latest version is here:
Alienware Gaming Monitor Control Center Application and Driver

If you have an Alienware computer

My understanding is that if you have other devices or an Alienware computer, you need to install the “Alienware Command Center”.

There are a few different versions. Since I only have the monitor, I'm not sure exactly what is needed, but I tested the latest 5.2 version, and it didn’t work. The other versions wouldn’t install for me, but from what I understand, version 4 should work. Please try the following:
Alienware Command Center for Desktops (version 4.8)
Alienware Command Center for Notebooks (version 4.8)

If you have a keyboard or mouse

Please try this:
Alienware Control Center Application

Help and feedback

Please feel free to send an email if you have trouble, or want to help me confirm that something works, or just want to leave a note!


SolSoft Solutions, LLC has no affiliation with Dell or Alienware and this app is not endorsed or supported by either.