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Speaking at Code Camp NYC

  • Microsoft Conference Center 11 Times Square New York, NY 10036 (map)

As promised, here are the notes from my talk on the Reactive Extensions for .NET.  And here is Reactive Extensions sample code from the talk.

Thanks to all who attended!  Please do leave feedback, both positive and critical, so I can improve for next time!

I’ll be talking about the Reactive Extensions for .NET at Code Camp NYC. This is a great event, a full-day developer conference hosted at Microsoft’s Times Square office with tons of interesting talks and demonstrations from prominent members of the .NET community (and beyond). Registration is only $15.


Managing asynchronous data is a challenging task. It could be something as deceptively simple as "find-as-you-type" or efficiently returning the results of a web service, or as complex as displaying an entire screen of constantly-refreshing stock ticker updates. Maybe you've had to write complicated loops or timers to manage your data, or you wished you could use async or LINQ (but you couldn't use them together).

In this talk, we'll learn about the ReactiveX API for .NET, and see how it can change the way you think about and solve these sorts of problems. You might never look at events or timers the same way again!

This talk assumes basic familiarity with .NET, LINQ, and async/await.